X71 - All Natural Pro Maple w/ Ink Dot

$89.99 On Sale

The X71 is the Zinger version of the traditional 271. There is a reason that this is the most common bat in baseball, with the likes of Paul Konerko, Alex Rodriguez, and Prince Fielder swinging this model throughout their respective careers. Those are some of the great power hitters using this medium barrel bat. The misconception of power hitters using large barrel bats is negated by those 3 names - among others. This model is made from a high-density billet which should increase performance and minimize breakage.

This same bats retail on our website @ $119.99ea. Ready to ship today at this amazing value!

All of our Pro Maple bats include the slope of grain Ink Dot Test to assure a quality product, up to the standards we use for our professional players.


  • 31 inch
  • 32 inch
  • 32.5 inch
  • 33 inch
  • 33.5 inch
  • 34 inch