X19 - All Natural Pro Maple w/ Ink Dot

$89.99 On Sale

The X19 Model features a thin handle, traditional knob, and a long, mid-sized barrel. This is one of our MOST DURABLE models because of the profile and the high density factor of the Pro Maple used to make this bat. It has quickly become of of our most popular models for kids 8-16 years old. The Youth sizes have been designed to target a -5 weight at 28" and gradually move to a -3 for a 32".

This same bats retail on our website @ $119.99ea. Ready to ship today at this amazing value!

All of our Pro Maple bats include the slope of grain Ink Dot Test to assure a quality product, up to the standards we use for our professional players.


  • 28" (-5)
  • 29" (-5)
  • 30" (-4)
  • 31" (-4)
  • 32" (-3)
  • 32.5" (-3)
  • 33" (-3)