Cage Bats - 6 Bats for $60

$60.00 On Sale

I have packages of Cage Bats. These are all-natural bats, mostly pro maple with one or two ash mixed in, that came off the lathe bowed. They went through the first sanding process but because they are bowed they didn't go through the final fine sanding.

Great for cage work and training purposes, these bats could also be sanded more using a sanding pad and finished up nicely. Or they are ready to use as is.

These are also great if you have a project building furniture or other baseball themed projects.

Pictures are representative of the actual bats you will receive. Again, these are all bowed (not perfectly straight), but they are made from professional grade wood so they are perfectly fine to use for batting practice, training, etc.


  • (6) 31" Cage Bats
  • (6) 32" Cage Bats
  • (6) 32.5" Cage Bats
  • (6) 33" Cage Bats
  • (6) 33.5" Cage Bats
  • (6) 34" Cage Bats