Pro Maple Composite - 1-YEAR WARRANTY


The Zinger C271 Composite is the best option on the market for a player looking for a Solid Maple Wood bat that simply will not break. If you are tired of having to make the choice between the Performance of a real Pro Maple bat and the other composite options on the market that simply don't stack up... YOU HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER! With the longest and most comprehensive warranty available ( Full 1-YEAR Warranty), look no further than this BBCOR certified Pro Maple Bat.

The bat is made in the popular C271 turn model and is nothing but Maple from end-to-end. We simply reinforce the handle with a real carbon fiber sleeve to basically eliminate the chance of the bat breaking from hitting a baseball. There are others that have similar looking options, but nobody else stands behind their product with a full YEAR warranty.

The C271 is available in either a Grey or Black barrel. Each bat is individually serial numbered.

Because of extreme demand for this bat, March 2022 is the first time we are able to actually offer it online (they had been pre-sold out for the majority of 2021). We are going to try and stay ahead of production, but I believe that there will be issues with availability leading into the Summer again so I wouldn't wait if you want one.

Our Full Warranty info is shown below and I believe it is the most comprehensive and customer friendly warranty available for any wood or wood composite bats. Long story short, if you hit a baseball with the bat and there is a structural break (not paint chipping, etc), you only need to text or email me a picture of the break with a brief description of how it happened - and assuming there is nothing suspicious with the claim - I will ship you a brand new replacement bat. You don't need to ship me the broken bat, you don't pay for me to ship you the new bat, you simply get a brand new bat to replace the broken one. (Again, I reserve the right to ask you to ship me your broken bat at your expense if the pictures lead me to believe that the bat was broken by something other than a baseball - and we can usually tell - but this has never happened). If you read the fine print with other companies... they may try to "fix" your broken bat. And almost always you are stuck paying for the shipping of the broken bat back to the company and then the return shipping of your new bat (possibly weeks later once they approve your warranty claim) - so it could cost you upwards of $50 for your replacement bat and could takes weeks to receive. That doesn't make sense if you are right in the middle of your season. Not with Zinger!

**The "Warranty" page on our website is currently being updated and the link is down. For direct purchases from Zinger through the website or in-store - there is no need to Register your new composite. We do it for you. For all questions - Please reach out directly to the Owner:
Scott Hanish
[email protected]


Zinger Bat Company takes pride in the quality and consistency of our products. As such, we have instituted what we believe to be the longest warranty in the industry on our BBCOR Certified Solid Core Pro Maple Composite (1 Year)

All warranty bats will have a unique serial number. You will need to register your new bat on our website at within 14 days of purchase to activate the warranty. All warranty bats purchased directly through the Zinger Bat Company website will have a record of the order and can be registered at any time during the warranty coverage period. If you purchase your bat through an authorized Zinger Bat retailer (see website ), you will need to register your bat within the 14-day window from time of purchase and retain a copy of your receipt for any warranty claims. Warranty period begins on the date of purchase through any authorized retailers or on the date of shipment if purchased from Zinger Bat Company directly online. Warranties cover the original purchaser only and cannot be transferred to non-related parties. All warranties provide a one-time replacement during the original warranty period.

All wood bats, regardless of the quality, are “one bad swing” away from breaking. The higher the level, the greater the chances of breakage because hitting a baseball being thrown at high velocities creates a significant impact and transfer of force on a natural product. That is the nature of the game. There is a reason that the best professional players in the world order a dozen or more bats at a time.
*Warranty covers all non-professional levels of play. If you are a professional player at any level, contact us directly for discounted Professional pricing and ordering information.

The Zinger Bat warranty covers breakage of the handle or any part of the bat that will affect performance caused by hitting leather covered baseballs. It does not cover cosmetic issues including the wearing of paint or stain finishes from use or chipping of the cup area that does not impact performance.
Most often, wood bats break because a ball is hit on the last inch of the barrel, or far in on the handle below the label. These would be considered “user error” and have nothing to do with any design or manufacturing flaws of the product. Some companies choose to consider this as voiding the warranty claim. At Zinger, we have decided that bats within the warranty period that break based on “user error” by hitting a baseball outside of the “sweet spot” will still be covered if there are no other visible signs of misuse.
Our warranty does not cover obvious signs of improper use including:
*Hitting cage balls (dimple baseballs)
*Hitting any form of Weighted ball / Heavy balls.
*Slamming the bat on the ground or hitting any other objects (dugout poles, rocks, cleats, etc.)
*Bats that have been altered in any way (ie. using sandpaper, removing labels, drilling holes)
*Bats that have been exposed to water or any other harmful elements.
*Breaking the bat beyond the original break (slamming it on the ground or over your knee, etc)

Go to the website and provide the following information:
(Must be done within the warranty period)
1. Order number (from Zinger website)
2. Proof of purchase if bought through an authorized Zinger retailer.
3. Date of purchase
4. Date of broken bat
5. Serial Number on barrel
6. Name and Address for shipping.
7. Brief description of how the bat broke
8. Upload pictures of the bat showing the entire bat and the breakage point.

You will be contacted by a Zinger Bats representative to go over the warranty claim. We will make every effort to resolve the claim without needing to send the bat in for inspection. This is not always possible. If we are unable to assess the break based on the pictures provided, we may ask for more pictures to be sent or for the bat to be shipped to our home office in Arizona at your expense. It is very important that you retain the bat in the original “broken” state and do not do further damage to the bat before we are able to inspect it if needed.

When your warranty claim is approved, Zinger will provide you with a replacement bat that is the same as the original bat. Custom bats may be replaced with either stock bats that may be ready for immediate shipment, or with another custom bat (subject to production lead time – typically 2 weeks). Standard ground shipping in the continental United States is covered. Any requests for Express shipping or International shipping will incur additional charges (based on current FedEx rates). If Zinger Bat Company has discontinued the product that is being replaced, we will offer credit in the full amount of the original purchase price towards a replacement bat.

In the event Zinger Bat Company denies your warranty claim, you will be provided with an email outlining the reasons for the warranty being void. It is our goal to make all our customers happy and provide you with one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties on the market. Please remember that breaking the bat beyond the original break (ie. Slamming it on the ground or breaking it over your knee) will most likely void the warranty as we will not be able to distinguish how the bat broke and in what order the damage was done.

For all warranty related questions please email Scott Hanish – [email protected]



  • 31" C271 - GREY
  • 31" C271 - BLACK
  • 32" C271 - GREY
  • 32" C271 - BLACK
  • 33" C271 - GREY
  • 33" C271 - BLACK Sold Out
  • 33.5" C271 - GREY
  • 33.5" C271 - BLACK
  • 34" C271 - GREY Sold Out
  • 34" C271 - BLACK Sold Out