X71 (3) Pack MLB Ink-Dot Maple (31"-34")

$329.99 On Sale

***NOTE: We have been selling through these packs so fast that they are not always "READY TO SHIP", but should not take more than 10 DAYS from order to shipping (we always have more coming through production). If you need immediate shipment please contact us to determine what we have available for immediate shipment. ***

(3) Bat X71 Package in our hot new MLB Smoke Gloss finish w/ Gold Logo and engraving . Retail @ $170ea - Save over $180 off Retail on this 3 Bat Pack.

These bats are finished with same Smoke Gray Stain and Professional Clear Coat that is popular with many of our contract players. Rest assured you will receive a great looking and high performance bat! Add your favorite bat grip to show off your personal style.

The X71 is the most sold Zinger Bat model. In fact, it is our version of the 271 profile that has been the most used bat in baseball for years. This has also proven to be one of the MOST DURABLE ZINGER BAT MODELS AVAILABLE. It is made from a High-Density piece of Maple that tends to be more resistant to breakage. Although there are no guarantees, a (3) pack of these will typically last a player at least a year for training and game play.

These are ink-dot tested MLB grade Pro Maple with Pro Finishes. These bats have a starting Retail price of $169.99ea....a steal at $110 per bat.



  • 31" (3) Pack X71 - Smoke Gray
  • 32" (3) Pack X71 - Smoke Gray
  • 32.5" (3) Pack X71 - Smoke Gray Sold Out
  • 33" (3) Pack X71 - Smoke Gray
  • 33.5" (3) Pack X71 - Smoke Gray
  • 34" (3) Pack X71 - Smoke Gray