Pro Maple - Individual X-OUT Bat

$80.00 On Sale

Slightly blemished pro maple bat. Many other companies call these their Professional Cuts, Blems or X-Outs. These will come in various models. (**If you put a note on your order requesting a particular model we will try and get as close as possible - but there are no guarantees) These bats will be all natural, but may be all flame tempered or even painted, just depending on where in the process they were pulled from production (so colors and finishes could vary). Often times the blemish will be a knot or grain irregularity, but other reasons could be weight issues, laser engraving mishaps, or a slight bowing of the wood. We make every effort to grade the X-OUT bats and only pick bats that should be close to as durable as our regular pro maple bats. But, please remember, these are discounted bats and do not represent our "first run" production quality. They are a great value and also available in (3) bat and (6) bat X-OUT packs. Great for practice or game play.


  • 28" Maple X-OUT
  • 29" Maple X-OUT
  • 30" Maple X-OUT
  • 31" Maple X-OUT
  • 32" Maple X-OUT
  • 32.5" Maple X-OUT
  • 33" Maple X-OUT
  • 33.5" Maple X-OUT
  • 34" Maple X-OUT
  • 34.5" Maple X-OUT
  • 35" Maple X-OUT