Overload Barrel Trainer - Short Bat (26"-30")


Overload Barrel Trainer: Available in 26", 28", 30" Standard. Think "One-Hand" philosophy on staying inside the baseball and driving barrel...just with two hands. This bat is +3-4oz length/weight. Can be used for all hitting activities. Many players use this bat for the first couple rounds of live BP to focus on driving the barrel and staying through the ball, much like "staying right side" on your first two rounds.

26" is recommended for ages 8-13 (Bat size 28" - 31")
28" is recommended for ages 14-16 (Bat size 31"-33")
30" is recommended for players using a 33" or larger bat.

The 26" can also be used as a heavy 1-Hand trainer (recommended mostly for college and professional players)


  • 26" Barrel Trainer
  • 28" Barrel Trainer
  • 30" Barrel Trainer