Heavy Maple Training Bat +3oz Pro Maple (32"-34")


X205 Heavy Trainer: This is your traditional "overload" bat in a standard 205 profile (large barrel - similar to a 243) Available in 32", 33", 34" Standard. Weight will be +2 to +4 length/weight ratio. Weights will vary slightly with a +3 target weight.

These are made from the same Pro Maple that we make our game bats from - just using the higher density pieces. These training bats can be used in all live hitting situations and for any hitting drills. Stop swinging with weights on your bat to build strength. Use a "Heavy" bat that has the correct weight distribution and balance so it can be as close as possible to your game bat feel.


  • 32" X205 Heavy Trainer
  • 33" X205 Heavy Trainer
  • 34" X205 Heavy Trainer