Overload Trainer - Hands


Overload Trainer w/ handle weights: Available in 31", 32", 33" and 34". Weights will be ~ 42-49oz based on size. This solid Pro Maple bat is designed to carry the weight in the hands and help hitters get a feel for staying connected through the swing and driving hands to the ball and creating barrel lag. The bat features an almost baseball-like round knob, large "weight" just above the hands created by altering the bat profile, and a smaller 271 type barrel profile. It is perfect for all Tee work, soft-toss and even live batting practice. (this is the exact training bat used by Giancarlo Stanton) Can be used for all hitting activities and as a warm-up bat on-deck.


  • 31"
  • 32"
  • 33"
  • 34"