$90 Pro Ash Overruns

$90.00 Sold Out

These bats are extras from Pro and custom orders and have been finished in a variety of popular color options. **Actual bats are pictured** Retail is $125+ on these models and finishes. We would usually sell these at tournaments and other events like the College World Series, but everything was cancelled and we are moving our "trailer" online:

Pic #1 (From Top down) - Handle Color/Barrel Color
31"T43 - Whitewash/Green Stain
32" VM71 - All Black
33" X53 - Whitewash/Light Brown (*Fade*)
33" No.9 - Flame Tempered/Cherry
34" AV99 - Clear/Flame Tempered (Verdugo)
34" AV99 - Clear/Flame Tempered (Verdugo)
34" X243 - Clear/Flame Tempered