Training Bats - Pro Maple


We have developed three training tools for our Professional players that we are making available to the public here for the first time. Many of the top hitting instructors in the Major and Minor leagues are using these tools to help develop some of the game's top hitters.

26" ONE-HAND TRAINER - features a large barrel and is a target weight of +2. Can also be used as a two-hand heavy trainer for younger players (8-14)

30" TWO-HAND HEAVY TRAINER - Large barrel that acts as a swing-path tool. Target weight of 34oz, this has been one of the most popular training tools for our contract athletes to help with their overload training. Functions much the same for drills as the one-hand trainer, but using both hands through the progressions. Made of Pro Maple, this bat is durable and can be used in all live hitting / training.

33" or 34" HITTING FUNGO - Our custom hitting fungos are made with professional grade maple and can be used for all live hitting drills. Available in 33" or 34", the hitting fungo comes in standard bat weights of -2 to -3. Similiar to the old "Thunderstick", the hitting fungo focuses on minimizing the barrel size while maintaining swing weight to focus on solid contact through the center of the baseball. Developed specifically for current professional hitting instructors.


  • 26" One-Hand Trainer - Pro Maple
  • 30" Two-Hand Heavy Trainer - Pro Maple
  • 33" Pro Maple Hitting Fungo
  • 34" Pro Maple Hitting Fungo